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  • Virtual Desktop Virtual Desktop
    Education is based on the flow of information, but how can you afford to provide computer access to everyone, everywhere? Educators face budget cuts, few or outdated PCs, limited IT support staff, crowded and hot computer labs, growing student populations, and the desire to integrate e-learning into the classroom. NComputing addresses growing complexity with simplification.

    NComputing’s Classroom in a Box solution will enable you to provide computer resources to more students at a lower cost at every level of education. Classroom in a Box is an all inclusive, pre-tested, easy to deploy solution that can be right-sized to your current needs and expanded in the future with modular add-ons like virtual desktop failover, storage, and server virtualization infrastructure. Classroom in a Box includes Host Server(s), vSpace Virtualization Software, OS licenses (as needed), NComputing virtual desktops and basic peripherals (monitors, keyboards and mice). Assessment and deployment services are also available through NComputing’s experienced partners.


    • Modular Configurations - flexible configurations range from 11 to 100 seats
    • Lowest Cost Per Seat - Reduces the per seat cost of a PC by more than 75%
    • Turn-Key Solution - All components are pre-tested, validated and simple to deploy
    • Virtual Desktop Flexibility - Workgroup and network connect solutions
    • Protection for Students - Centrally manage internet filtering software ensuring a consistent and safe internet experience
    • Small Solution Footprint - Free up valuable workspace in classrooms and labs
    • Green IT - Build "green" computer networks and produce less e-waste and use less energy


    Use NComputing Everywhere

    • Classrooms
    • Computer labs
    • Libraries
    • Testing centers
    • Media centers
    • Teacher desks
    • Digital signage
    • administrative offices


  • Interactive Technologies Interactive Technologies

    ►This is the ActivClassroom. By Promethean

    The Activclassroom creates successful, 360- degree educational
    environments by connecting technology to human ingenuity, and teachers to their colleagues,
    to students, and to a whole new world of instruction. It’s an integrated system of hardware,
    software, training and resources designed by educators for educators to support teacher efforts at
    instruction and assessment, improve student participation and strengthen performance for all types
    of learners.
    An interactive whiteboard or IWB is a large interactive display combining the simplicity of a traditional whiteboard and the power of a computer. The use of Promethean interactive whiteboards, called ActivBoards, can help engage viewers with vivid images, presentations, video and audio.

    There is a Promethean ActivBoard to meet every customer requirement: from a 64”to 95” screen size, Pen or Pen and Touch functionality, options for 1 to 4 users to collaborate at the board and more. In addition, the ActivBoard is available as a stand alone option, or as part of an ActivBoard System to meet different user needs, installation requirements and budgets.
    ►Learner Response System (Voting)
    Promethean's Learner Response Systems are creating a revolution in education through devices offering unprecedented opportunities for student involvement and assessment.
    Each learner response device gives individual students a voice while equipping teachers with a revolutionary tool for delivering dynamic lessons tailored to the immediate assessment of student performance
    list below all promethean product:
    Flipcharts and Presentations

    Download useful presentations and demonstrations to help you showcase Promethean products to schools and colleges. Separated in to bundles these downloads are designed to be used on the ActivBoard and in conjunction with other products such as ActivArena and LRS. Ideal for getting teachers involved so they can see the benefits of the Promethean ActivClassroom for themselves.

    Publisher taster flipcharts are also available to show what is available for download from Promethean Planet.
  • Texas Instruments Texas Instruments


    With more than 20 years of PD experience, TI offers flexible, research-based* solutions for the classroom and up through entire district implementation. We have the expertise to assist educators with pedagogy, curriculum content, technology training or a combination of these areas. We’re in your school, community and online – wherever you need us to be to help you achieve your goals, which ultimately helps increase student achievement.
    Texas Instruments is committed to providing calculators and educational solutions that will enhance student performance in math and science.